The advantages of having a nanny include the following:

The convenience of maintaining family routine.
More personalised interaction.
Sustaining a familiar environment.
Exposure to illnesses is minimised significantly.
The convenience of having a nanny is that family routines can be followed with one on one interaction while being in the comfort of the children’s own environment.

General duties for a nanny may include the following but ultimately will depend on each family’s needs:

Providing a safe and nurturing environment where your children can grow and develop through age appropriate play activities.
Preparing and serving all meals for the children as needed.
Changing nappies and preparing bottles if and when required.
Administering authorised medication. (medication pre authorisation form must be filled in)
Carers can keep a communication diary listing how your child’s day has been, foods they have eaten, toileting patterns and overall wellbeing of the child/children in their care.
Bathing and dressing children as needed.
Transporting your children to, school, ski or snowplay area or any other extracurricular activities such as playgroups or movie nights etc.
Assisting with homework, reading and unpacking school bags for older children.
Conducting light household duties such as washing children’s clothing, loading and unloading dishwasher.
Keeping children’s play areas clean and tidy.